Our accessories include dresser fringe kits and two types of footboard fringe. Premium conchos and more. Find more information about add-ons and which brackets fit which bikes. If you have any questions feel free to E-mail us.

Dresser Fringe Kit


This premium fringe kit has two rows of fringe… 6" and 12” with 12 chrome conchos and black welting. Easily clips to saddlebag guardrail.

Front Footboard Fringe

Front Footboard Fringe

This footboard fringe has our premium 6” fringe with black welt on a neoprene base. Easily mounts between the floorboard base and the rubber isolator.

Rear Footboard Fringe

Rear Footboard Fringe

Matches the front floorboard kit using the same premium 6” fringe that is made in house. Mounts under rubber isolator.

deluxe Footboard Fringe

Footboard Fringe

This is our all new deluxe front footboard fringe which of course uses our same premium 6” fringe, but mounts under the footboard base so you can show off your chrome.

PK-1 Bracket

This is brackets needed for mounting the Bertha, Bertha king of fringe, or PK-1 saddlebags to 74 models without stock brackets.



Extra nice cast chrome conchos with leather rosette and tie. These conchos are as nice as you will find. 
$7.50 Each 



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